How To Pitch Your Services Using Business Card Marketing

Business cards have their spot in the marketplace. The question however is does business card marketing actually work? I see a lot of business with just their basic information on their card and they have nothing on the back of them. If you’re business card sounds this way, then more than likely you aren’t marketing effectively for it.

Your card should be turned into a lead generation magnet. Whenever someone receives your business card, they should be in selling mode. Sure your name and contact information is involved, but you want to get whoever receives your card into a business card prospect – on the edge of giving you a call.

Most people who use business cards do them all wrong. Instead of having a headline, they have a company logo. Instead of having testimonials on the back, they have nothing. Instead of stressing the benefits of calling or visiting your website now… they fill the entire card with their contact information. Why people do this is beyond me. But you shouldn’t be doing it either.

If you can turn your card into a lead generation piece, you can easily increase your sales for free. And more free sales is something that I know your business is looking for. So before you hand out your card, make sure it follows the tips in this article.

After you have created the perfect business card, it’s time to start giving it around to people. Have a stack of them on your desk. Have on posted on the front of the door in your office. Hand them out to members of your local chamber of commerce colleagues. Make sure that within every product that you sell, include a business card is in there also.

Distributing your card doesn’t have to be made hard, but so many people find it extremely hard to do. Why? I have no idea, but I know that it’s one of the best marketing strategies out there on the market right now. So the next time you consider handing out your business card to someone, keep the tips in this article in mind.

Now when you go and run your card, make sure you include the word “FREE” in there. This could be like a free report, free offer, free book, free brochure, a free sample, and etc. All of these things are things that you shouldn’t have to work so hard to do. So when someone sees your card, they will immediately see your offer, and you can get extra leads this way for free.

Now I mentioned on the back of the card you should have testimonials of some sort. Make enough room for 3 testimonials, and include your phone number and website address at the bottom.

The business card marketing techniques will help you to earn more money than you possibly can in your business. I think you should give them a try before it’s too late and your business is out of operation. What do you have to lose? Give it a try starting right now.