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Wholesale Jewelry This Season and Next

Shoppers gravitate to the irresistible baubles in boutique and department store showcases. The preview to this glamorous ornamentation is in the wholesale jewelry market that sets the course months before shoppers see it. So a look into the crystal ball of things to come is found in the showrooms and trade shows of jewelry wholesalers. Veteran retailers that visit these showrooms and trade shows regularly see a change–a line that is blurring.

Labels easily categorize wholesale jewelry in the past-labels like “costume jewelry”, “fashion jewelry”, “semiprecious jewelry”, and “fine jewelry.” Today that is not so easy. A current in fashion trends moves wholesale jewelry to a new level. The driving force is the classic look. Think Joan Crawford, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly. Think beauty that appeals to every generation in your family and you have classic fashion.

Classic reigns on the runways and in the fashion magazines. This overall look cannot be held down by labels. Suddenly wholesale jewelry showrooms that were called “costume jewelry” are filled with designs showing turquoise, coral, agates, and rose quartz that once belonged to the rock and gem wholesalers. The shell jewelry of the beach resort wholesalers finds beautiful expressions in these same showrooms.

The sterling silver of fine jewelry has been in fashion jewelry showrooms for more than a decade, but the once obscure art of glassmakers has suddenly joined sterling silver in these same showrooms. Murano glass, lamp work beads, and diochroic glass that were once niche markets, have now become household names and grace the showcases of boutiques and fine department stores.

The very name of fashion implies change. Without change there is no fashion, so how long can we expect the upscale momentum of wholesale jewelry to blur the lines between all the categories that exist? A new season is opening with a surprise of bright colors. Again wholesale jewelry takes the high road accessorizing the vivid hues with gorgeous dyed shell. This natural beauty of the sea goes beyond trendy chokers for teens in the beach shops and even beyond the upscale shell jewelry of seaside resorts. Designers craft brilliant shell colors into high fashion jewelry that takes its place in boutiques and stylish accessory stores to give the season’s tropical brights a classic counterpart in jewelry. This season leaves no doubt wholesale jewelry continues to follow classic trends, but what about the fall?

The palette is in place for the fall and fashion shows begin to shape the wholesale jewelry that will carry the season. Wholesale jewelry for the fall season shows no movement away from the classic trends that society is embracing. After all, it is society that ultimately determines fashion and it was the mood following so many tragedies like September 11th, The Tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina that put the brakes to rapid fire changes and fast forward fashion. A reflective mood set in and a look back captured beauty in art and nature that gelled into the classic designs of wholesale jewelry houses. Fashion does not magically appear from thin air. Leading designers have a network of feedback from society that influences direction and the feedback is keeping the focus on classic beauty. Expect designers to dig deeper to uncover more obscure art forms and wonders of nature.

Like all roads lead to Rome all that is beautiful leads to classic jewelry. Even the most isolated arts will be swept into the current. So this season and next classic dominates. Drop labels and expect surprises of eye-pleasing beauty that fit under the umbrella of wholesale jewelry.